Debt Collection

Debt Collection Disputes: What You Need to Know

debt-collectionsNo one wants to deal with debt collection. Whether you are trying to get someone to pay money they owe or disputing that you owe someone a debt – the process can be time consuming, confusing, and frustrating for both parties. Self-Help is not allowed under the law and it is important to consult with an attorney before attempting to collect a debt or before attempting to stop someone from harassment. Here is what you need to know about debt collection disputes.

Common debt-collection situations:

  • Enforcement of Judgments in personal injury and medical malpractice cases;


  • Debts owed under commercial disputes, personal guaranties, and loan agreements; or


  • Landlord

A landlord is often faced with a tenant owing large sums of money from unpaid rent, property damage, and other costs.


  • Negotiation

Sometimes a debt collection dispute can be resolved through negotiation, with the help of an experienced professional, you may be able to negotiate a payment plan or settlement of the disputed debt.

  • Collection & Judgment

If negotiation fails, you can also purse a judgment or mechanic’s lien (click here to find out more about mechanic’s liens) or take steps to enforce a judgment previously entered by a court.

  • Wage Garnishment

The debtor’s employer will deduct wages from the debtor’s take home pay.

  • Lien

In some issues, the creditor may be able to place a lien on the debtor’s real property or bank account to pay a part or the whole of the debt.

If you are involved in a debt collection dispute, regardless of which side of the issue you are on, a consultation with an attorney is recommended.  Coleman, Roles, and Associates, PLLC can help you avoid or resolve a debt collection dispute. Feel free to email or call us at (502)-771-0588 for more information or to request a free consultation