Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice in Kentucky: What You Need to Know
dentalDentist and oral surgeons are held to standard of care just like doctors and other medical professionals are. This means that they must meet a standard of care required by state law and professional standards. When a dentist or oral surgeon violates the standard of care and hurts or harms their patient, this is considered dental malpractice.  Violations can include but are not limited to:

  1. Improper diagnosis leading to injury;
  2. Injury to the lips, teeth, tongue or nervous system of the patient;
  3. Infection from unclean or improperly used dental equipment;
  4. Failure to obtain informed consent regarding a dental procedure;
  5. Needless removal of teeth; and
  6. Permanent or temporary loss of feeling or sensation.

If you have been injured by a dental professional, whether or not you can be compensated is dependent a variety of factors including the nature of the incident, the actions of the dental professional, the severity and length of your injury, how the injury will impact your future, the severity and duration of your injury, and the amount of medical treatment and lost wages.

There is no guarantee that a dental malpractice claim will succeed. Dental malpractice lawsuits can be difficult to prove and medical malpractice payouts are not the norm. However, these types of claims can be proven and won.

If you, or someone you care about, has been injured by a dental professional, contact legal counsel as soon as possible.  Under Kentucky law, any malpractice claim, including a claim against a dental professional must be brought within one year of when the injury occurred or reasonably should have been discovered.  Feel free to email or call 502-771-0588 for more information or to request a free consultation.