Traffic Offenses

Under Kentucky law, a traffic offense may qualify for expungement since this type of offense is classified as a violation or misdemeanor. Under KRS 186.018, any private individual or entity can request the driving history record of another person for up to a three year period.

If a traffic offense or violation is not expunged, the offense will remain on a person’s complete criminal report after the three year period. This report can also be requested by any business, individual, licensing agency or government entity. In some cases, a person may not be concerned about a traffic ticket but numerous or multiple offenses may be viewed poorly by landlords, employers or banks. In the case of traffic charges for more serious violations such as leaving the scene of an accident, these charges might even be potentially damaging to a person’s reputation.

If you are unsure about whether your traffic record is eligible for expungement, you may want to sit down with us and review your options before you file for an expungement. Feel free to email or call for more information.