In Kentucky, each time you plead guilty to a moving violation your license accumulates points. If you are over 18 and accumulate more than twelve (12) penalty points within a period of two years, your license may be suspended for up to six months.

Hiring an attorney to fight for you in court can help reduce the number of points that are ultimately assessed on your license and keep you on the road.

Speeding Ticket Attorney Louisville, KY

What You Need To Know: How Points Are Assessed Against You


If you have been caught driving more than 26 MPH, or cited for the charge of Racing and Eluding a Police Officer, you risk having your license suspended. If you have been charged with one of these violations, you need to immediately hire an attorney to represent you while your driving privileges are at risk.


If you miss a court appearance or don’t pay your traffic ticket, the court may suspend your license and potentially issue a bench warrant. This means if you are pulled over again for any reason, you may be arrested. If a bench warrant has been issued against you or your license has been suspended for failing to appear in court, please do not hesitate; immediately hire an attorney.


Court proceedings are time consuming; if you represent yourself, you may be forced to miss valuable time away from work while potentially waiting hours for your case to be called.  But defendants who represented by attorney in a traffic matter are usually the first ones called at every court docket – which can significantly shorten your time in court.

If you have had been cited with a traffic violation in the Louisville area, do not hesitate to email or call 502-771-0588 and hire a legal professional to reduce your legal exposure.


POINT ASSESSMENT FOR EACH MOVING VIOLATION — 601 KAR 13.025 Speeding 15 MPH or less over the limit – 3 points (except as provided in KRS 186.572); Speeding 16 MPH or more, but less than 26 MPH, over the limit – 6 points;

  1. Failure to stop for church or school bus – 6 points;
  2. Improper passing – 5 points;
  3. Reckless driving – 4 points;
  4. Driving on wrong side of road – 4 points;
  5. Following too closely – 4 points;
  6. Failure to yield to emergency vehicle – 4 points;
  7. Changing drivers in a moving vehicle – 4 points;
  8. Vehicle not under control – 4 points;
  9. Stop violation (electric signal, railroad crossing, stop sign) – 3 points;
  10.   Failure to yield – 3 points;
  11.   Wrong way on one-way street – 3 points;
  12.   Too fast for conditions – 3 points;
  13.   Too slow for conditions – 3 points;
  14.   Improper start – 3 points;
  15.   Improper driving – 3 points;
  16.   Careless driving – 3 points;
  17.   Failure to yield left lane – 3 points;
  18.   Improper lane usage – 3 points;
  19.   Failure to illuminate headlights – 3 points;
  20.   Failure to dim headlights – 3 points;
  21.   Any other moving hazardous violation – 3 points;
  22.   Commission of a moving hazardous violation which involves an accident – 6 points; or
  23.   Combination of two (2) or more moving hazardous violations in one (1) occurrence – 6 points.